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Residencies and Art Projects

The Tent is a program of residencies for villages and public places

Places of culture – museums, villages, parks, villages, festivals, archives, libraries, events, etc. – they are complex hubs of stories, information, connections and emotions which, although rooted in the past, ask to be connected to the contemporary world in order to continue to be attractive and speak to their audience.
The Tent brings out values ​​and meanings that are not immediately visible, discovers unexpected relationships, frees the place from the inertia of the usual, regenerates the public’s interest, re-establishes its origins in contemporaneity, reveals overlooked or deep dimensions.


Inspired by anthropology

Just as in 1922 the anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski pitched his tent inside the village on the Trobriand Islands to directly participate in the life of the natives, so the artist will make the place his immersive fieldwork for about a week.

The Tent

The tent is a symbol of the intimate relationship between the artist and the place, a point of interaction with the visitors, a place for reflection, the sign of the residency.
The tent will bear on its surface the signs of the other residences, building a path and a map of exchanges between the places crossed by the artists.

Who is in the tent?

She/He could be a visual artist, a poet, a performer, an anthropologist, a musician, a designer, a sound artist, an architect, an archaeologist, etc. She/He will be selected by the curators in agreement with the client. During the residency she/he will connect to the environment, explore the heritage that surrounds him, use archival and bibliographic resources, and be able to interact with the visitors.

As an event

The Tent goes beyond the concept of residency, it’s an event.
What happens around the tent will be spread on Instagram and Facebook

Why pitch a tent?

The Tent will focus the media spotlight on the place where the artist places his tent, will talk about the location, present it in a renewed dimension using interactive and participatory methods where the public will contribute to the creation of the event.

Agreed solutions

Every aspect of the residency will be shared with the client in accordance with the objectives to be achieved and the budget, from the duration of the residency to the type of returns.

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A variety of locations

Places are not defined by their borders or even by what they contain, places are what happens inside them.

The artist will

  • discover hidden meanings
  • create relationships between past and present
  • explore interstices

And then…

  • will give a new visibility
  • recreate bonds with the locals
  • regenerate a sense of place

With the support of...

“Rather than being one definite sort of thing, – for example, physical, spiritual, cultural, social – a given place takes on the qualities of its occupants, reflecting these qualities in its own constitution and description and expressing them in its occurrence as an event: places not only are, they happen

Edward S. Casey

Cultural Geographer and Philosopher

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